Canned pumpkin recipe


Pumpkin – is a seasonal vegetable and it doesn’t have log storage term. I offer you my own tested canned pumpkin recipe that you can make pumpkin purchase for the winter at home.
First of all I would like to mention about pumpkin useful characteristics. It contains in it many vitamins. There is a lot of cellulose in pumpkin pulp, and because of large vegetable origin water and sugar amount, containing in it, they consider the pumpkin one of the most dietetic products, improving human metabolic system. There is even more carotene in pumpkin than in carrot or beef liver, that’s why people suffering from weak eyesight must eat it regularly.
It seems to me that according to this recipe you can make canned pumpkin without adding spices, and if to add a little more sugar into the marinade, it can be used for sweet baking.

Canned pumpkin ingredients

  1. Pumpkin – 500 gr
  2. Water – 700gr.
  3. Sugar – 4 table-spoons
  4. Clove – 1-2 buds
  5. Sweet-scented black pepper -2-3 peas
  6. Vinegar (9%) – 1 table-spoon (to my mind, you can replace vinegar with lemon acid, adding it to your taste).

You can add ginger if you want (as for me I didn’t add it myself).
I got a little more than 1litre of pumpkin purchase from all the enumerated food – stuffs.

Canned pumpkin recipe.

First it’s necessary to make syrup:
We pour some water into the saucepan, add sugar, clove and sweet-scented black pepper, and boil it for several minutes. We chop pumpkin and put it into the hot prepared in advance syrup. We boil pumpkin for several minutes to impregnate with syrup and make it soft. But only be careful not to spoil it by overdoing. The ideal time is from 5 to 7 minutes. (I overdid my pumpkin slightly because the pieces were to thin and I boiled it for 15 minutes).Then we add some vinegar into pumpkin with syrup and put ready food into the sterilized in advance glass jars. You need to seal the jars with iron covers. Even in such a condition, with undrawn syrup, you pumpkin will be delicious. And I can tell for sure that you won’t feel any vinegar presence in it. You will get absolutely natural and useful food-stuff, if replace vinegar with lemon acid. As a result of it, the flavor is very nice and with light spicy smack. In such a way canned pumpkin is not so sweet and has pleasant tart in it. It’s an excellent pumpkin purchase, you can use for baking or making desert.


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