Photo - Home spicy tomato jam

Home spicy tomato jam

Home spicy tomato jam is one of my favourite recipes. It’s tasty, light and smells fantastic! My friend, the Italian cook, asked me about this old family recipe many times and now I would like to share it with you, my dear readers.


  1. Apples- 0,5 kg.
  2. Tomatoes- 1,5 kg.
  3. Carrot- 0,5 kg.
  4. Sweet pepper- 0,5 kg.
  5. 3 cayenne
  6. Garlic- 150gr.
  7. 5-6 cloves
  8. 10 black pepper peas
  9. 6 sweet-peas
  10. Vinegar- half a glass
  11. Sunflower-seeds oil- half a glass
  12. Sugar- half a glass
  13. Salt (as you like)


1. Peel the garlic and pound it (with meat-chopper). Put it into bowl and cover with food pellicle.
2. Wash and peel all the apples and carrot. Cut apples for quarters and delete piths from them. Clean sweet pepper from seeds and cut along for several slices.
3. Cut the carrot along for quarters, chop the tomatoes for halves and delete all the seeds from cayenne.
4. Chop all the ingredients with blender or meat-chopper and put into the saucepan (not to spread the juice aside cover meat-chopper with pellicle). Boil the vegetables for 1,5 hours, stirring it slowly from time to time.
5. Add all spices and vinegar to the ready vegetable paste. Temper sunflower-seeds oil, cool it a little, pour into the saucepan with ready jam. Finally add sugar, salt and stir all the ingredients carefully.
6. Add some garlic to your spicy tomato jam and boil it one more time for several minutes. Put the ready product into the jam jars and cover it tightly.

photo - spicy tomato jam

Enjoy your spicy tomato jam!


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