Hot method pickled cucumbers

Hot method pickled cucumbers

Now I would like to share with you one of our favourite family recipes. When I was a little girl I often saw my granny was doing hot method pickled cucumbers.

You need:

  1. 3,3 kg. of fresh cucumbers
  2. 2 litres of water for the marinade
  3. 50- 60 gr. of salt
  4. 15 gr. of parsley
  5. 50 gr. of fennel
  6. 30 gr. of celery
  7. 30 gr. of horse-radish leaves
  8. 3 gr. of mint leaves
  9. 15 gr. of garlic
  10. 3,5 gr. of red bitter pepper (cayenne)
  11. 30 pieces of sweet-pea pepper and 7 bay leaves

They lay down some greenery, spices and then put vertically cucumbers at the jar bottom. After this they lay horizontally 2- 3 cucumbers above. The full glass jars are poured carefully with boiling water, covered with boiling thoroughly covers and towel, and left for 2-3 minutes. Then they take the towel and covers off, cover the jar neck with a piece of gauze, press it with rubber ring not to let cucumbers and spices fall out, and pour the water out. The jars are poured with boiling water for the second time, covered, wound with a towel and warmed for 5-6 minutes. At the same time they prepare salt- solution adding 2 litres of water and 50-60 gr. of salt. After the second water boiling they pour the water out and at once pour the jars with boiling pickle. The packed jars are sealed hermetically, turned the necks over and cooled.
I know one more method of cucumbers hot pickle recipe. Cucumbers and spices are laid down into the jars at the same way, poured with pickle, covered with boiling thoroughly covers and kept for 3-5 days. At once they acquire the salty flavor they take the jar covers off, cover its necks with gauze pieces, press with rubber ring and pour the pickle into the enamel saucepan out.
They boil the pickle and pour cucumbers with it. The full jars are sealed hermetically without sterilization and cooled.
Enjoy your pickled cucumbers!


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