Pickled cucumbers

pickled cucumbers

It goes without saying that pickled cucumbers are very popular in Russia. If you visit Russia once you see that every festive table has pickles on it. Besides, during the holidays Russian people are used to drink much vodka. And I can tell you from my own experience – pickled cucumbers marinade is the best hangover cure. Try it once and you will not regret! Now I would like to share the traditional cucumbers conservation recipe with you.
Selected cucumbers are washed and soaked into cold water for 6-8 hours.
During all this period you need to change water at least twice. Greenery is washed and chopped carefully before putting into the jar.

Per 10 half a litre bottles you need:

  1. 3,3 kg of fresh cucumbers
  2. 15 gr. of parsley
  3. 50 gr. of fennel
  4. 30 gr. of celery
  5. 30 gr. of horse-radish leaves
  6. 3 gr. of mint leaves
  7. 3,5 gr. of bitter cayenne
  8. 30 pieces of sweet-pea pepper
  9. 7 bay leaves
  10. 2 litres of water for marinade
  11. 100-200 gr. of salt
  12. 400 gr. of 5% vinegar

It is necessary to put 1/3 of the spices, that are necessary for the one glass jar, into a jar, then to stack cucumbers vertically till half of the jar. They put the second part of the spices on the first cucumbers layer and after stack cucumbers again, but this time horizontally, and put above the rest amount of spices.
For the 2-3 litres bottles they also stack the first cucumbers layer vertically, and the rest horizontally. Full jars are extinguished with hot (80 degrees) marinade, made in the following way.
The pour out the water into enamel saucepan, add some salt (50-60 gr. per litre), boil it till complete salt dissolving and filter the mixture through 3-4 gauze layer, adding acetic acid. They boil the marinade for 2 minutes, fill with it the glass jars, cover with lacquered covers, boiled thoroughly in advance, and fix into the filled with water saucepan, heated to 60-70 degrees, for pasteurization.
The glass jars of 0,5 litres capaciousness pasteurization time is 10 minutes, 1litre – 15 minutes, 3 litres – 25 minutes, the necessary boiling-point is 90 degrees, otherwise all the cucumbers will be softened.
After the pasteurization is over all the glass jars are hermetically sealed, turned the neck over and cooled in fresh place.


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