Pumpkin marinated with spices

Pumpkin marinated

Pumpkin is famous for its useful and nutrient properties. I can talk without stopping about eating pumpkin use, but I would like to mention some canned pumpkin nutrition facts and its calorific value. Marinated pumpkin keeps fresh vegetable useful properties in it: a lot of vitamins C, E, PP, B1, B2, and also mineral substances- iron, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium.

Calories in canned pumpkin:

Index Per  100 gr:
Calorific value:  42
Fats:  0,1
Proteins:  0,6
Carbohydrates: 8,9

  • Pumpkin with honey is the best insomnia cure.
  • Pumpkin saves you from oedema.
  • Pumpkin prevents atherosclerosis.
  • Pumpkin saves from stomach diseases.
  • Pumpkin removes toxins.
  • Pumpkin prevents organism cells aging and wrinkles emergence.
  • And sure pumpkin is the best doctor from cold and all catarrhal diseases.

For cooking canned pumpkin we need: water, vinegar, salt, sugar and some spices. They boil pumpkin in marinade and put it into glass jars. And in 2-4 weeks you can enjoy eating your tasty pickled pumpkin.

The ingredients:
For the one litre jar you need:

  1. Pumpkin pulp – 500 gr.
  2. Apple juice – 250 gr.
  3. Apple vinegar -250gr.
  4. Cane-sugar – 80 gr.
  5. Salt – 1 table-spoon
  6. Cinnamon – 2 little sticks
  7. Anise- 2 stars
  8. Black pepper peas- 1 table-spoon
  9. White mustard seeds -1 table-spoon
  10. Sweet-scented pepper -5 peas
  11. Clove -1-2 buds

Pumpkin marinated

It is necessary to boil all the marinade components in a large saucepan, diminish the fire, cover and boil it on slow fire for 5 minutes. Then chop the pumpkin pulp into 2-3 cm. pieces.
Put the pumpkin bricks into the marinade, and boil it on middle fire for 5 minutes. If you prefer more soft pumpkin, you have to boil it for 10-12 minutes. At the same moment sterilize the jar, in microwave stove, for example. Then close it tightly with the spiral cover. If you have a desire and possibility you can seal the jar. Turn the jar over. Let it get cold I the room. And store it at the dark cold place at least for 2 weeks or even 4. You can serve it for meat, and I can tell that such pumpkin suits more to pork and poultry.


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