photo - Spicy tomato and apple jam

Spicy tomato and apple jam


Sour apples are the basic ingredients of this recipe. They make slightly sour and piquant taste, that makes the jam extremely delicious.


  1. Tomatoes-2 kg.
  2. Sweet pepper- 0,5 kg.
  3. Antonovka apples- 0,5 kg.
  4. Sunflower-seeds oil- 500ml.
  5. 4 cayenne
  6. Carrot- 0,5 kg.
  7. Vinegar- 100 ml.
  8. Sugar- 100 gr.
  9. Salt- 100gr.
  10. Garlic- 100gr.

Spicy tomato and apple jam


Wash all the vegetables carefully. Clean sweet pepper from seeds, delete apple piths. Then crop sweet pepper, apples, carrot and tomatoes with mincing-machine. You will receive a kind of paste. Boil it for 1 hour. Till the paste is boiling, take cayenne, chop it and add to the saucepan with paste, pour sunflower-seed oil and vinegar there and boil it again for 1 hour. After that put garlic gruel, sugar and salt there, mix carefully all the ingredients and boil for half an hour. When the spicy tomato and apple jam is ready, pour it into the jam jars, cover tightly, turn the jars over, cover with blanket and let them cool. Keep your spicy tomato and apple jam in cold dark place.


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