Spicy tomato jam

Spicy tomato jam


Spicy tomato jam is a kind of very delicious spices. Tomato jam can be used with meat, sausages, served with sandwiches. You can smear this spicy tomato on bread and serve it as a snack or add it into the main or second courses. I would like to mention that the combination of bitter and sweet ingredients in spicy tomato jam makes its taste especially interesting.


  • Tomatoes- 1,3kg.
  • 2 cayenne pods
  • Sugar- kg.
  • 1 packet of gelatin
  • 2 cloves


Scald tomatoes, then pour them over with cold water, peel carefully and chop. Wash the cayenne pods, cut them along in half, clean from seeds, and chop as well. Put the tomatoes into the large saucepan with wide bottom. Boil them and add sugar with gelatin. In several minutes put there the cropped cayenne and intermingle slowly all the ingredients for 15 minutes. Take the saucepan from fire off, cover and leave it overnight. In the morning sterilize jam jars and lids. Boil the tomato paste once again and add some cloves. Boil it for 5 minutes then take the cloves off. Put the hot ready tomato paste into the jam jars, cover and roll them up tightly. Turn the jars with spicy tomato jam over, cover with blanket and let them cool. Enjoy your tomato jam.


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